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how to choose VLSI Training Center ?

For beginners, I am listing few tips in choosing VLSI training center to get your first job in VLSI industry.

  • Do your research, spend time with you in understanding which of the area you like in VLSI. Lot of material is available on the internet. Just search for VLSI flow. Take this is your prime focus, Spend good amount of time on each topic, then decide, Listed to friends and relatives just for information not their decision rule you.

  • Why companies choose you? Is it becauase you have B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech degree? Millions of engineers are produced every year, in that there are thousands of students taking up VLSI, how are you are better choice for the company?

  • Your skill should speak: you should match 2+ years of experience guy from the industry, know what all required.

  • Do whatever it takes develop the skill, but you need a mentor who is ready to help to review your work and give suggestions.

  • Don't fall for cheep trainings and placement record institutes, they might have done better in placements when more jobs and less people but not anymore. Companies are looking for competency.

  • When you are taking up training from an institute ask them

    • How many people per batch? if it more than 5 to 10 reject them. They cannot give proper skill.

    • Do they provide fancy study material? if yes, reject them. study material stops your thinking and guides only in one direction. Probably they are preparing you for interviews.

    • If they start projecting placement record, say hold on and say them firstly I am here for skill development not placement training.

    • Ask them who will review my work? No trainer has time to review 30 to 40 people's work at a time so, they broadcast some theory and readymade scripts to run. Who are going to judege you did right or needs an improvement.

    • Training for 2 to 3 months, Reject them. A fresher needs at least 6 to 8 months of full time training to get a decent skill, as we have lot of other things to do in life (skill development is part time for all of us).

    • Skill should be your prime focus. If you are skillful why companies reject you?

    • Is there a money back guaranty if I don't like the training? If NO, then you can understand their main motivation.

    “Tell me and I forget,
      teach me and I may remember,
      involve me and I learn.”
    – Benjamin Franklin

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